Brain Freeze Software - iSlips


Brain Freeze Software provides custom development of iOS applications. We have been building iOS apps for many years and have extensive experience with the iOS platform. If you need a multiple platform mobile solution (Android, mobile website, etc), we also provide those services through existing partnerships we have with development experts in those platforms.

Please contact to discuss your needs.

Here is what we offer as services as an overall solution or as individual abilities that can be incorporated into your existing team:


One of the hardest things to do is to determine what the right mobile strategy is for your organization. With our vast knowledge of the mobile space, we can help define and create a mobile strategy for both short-term and long-term success.


Creating the right design for your app can be difficult. We work with a project’s stakeholders to determine what the goal is for the mobile solution. Once we have the goal, we can provide direction on proper interface guidelines and create any needed documentation (requirements, wires, etc) or prototype.


To make sure your app stands out, it’s important to have the right look and feel. We can provide the needed creative support and produce comps, images, and copy. If you already have a creative team, we can work closely with them to make sure we have all the needed assets.


Producing a quality app is critical. To ensure the development of apps is of the highest quality, we utilize industry best practices, and run quality assurance tests against all functionality. All coding is done by US based developers.


To help our customers, we can provide support launching apps and providing service releases after the initial launch.

Project Management

Oversight of the project lifecycle is an important part of any project. To drive projects and to provide proper communication, we can provide the right-fit level of project management.