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Track your time while on the go.

Are you a Timeslips user who needs a fast and simple way to track your time and expenses on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device? Then iSlips is the solution for you. iSlips is a stand-alone iPhone, iPad, and Android application that allows you to take your key Timeslips data with you while on the go.

iSlips is the fastest solution for tracking time and expenses because it takes advantage of the iPhone’s, iPad's, and Android devices' “always on” capability. No need to startup a slow computer to track that 15 minute call with a client.

iSlips can automatically start tracking time on a call made through the built in client dialing. Never forget to bill a client for a phone call again.

Mileage Calculator

Do you charge clients for mileage? iSlips with its exclusive Mileage Calculator makes it fast and easy to capture mileage on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Calculating the mileage from your office to a client’s place of business is just 2 clicks.

Timeslips is a great time & billing product. Purchase iSlips to extend the reach of Timeslips to your iPhone or iPad or Android devices, and make every second count.

iSlips Features

  • Time Entry (with timers)
  • Expense Entry
  • Mileage Calculator
  • Wireless Data Transfer with Timeslips
  • Time Increments (Rounding)
  • Abbreviations
  • Client Dialing & Emailing with Automatic Slip Creation
  • Client Mapping (GPS)
  • Start/Stop Time Calculator
  • Recent Lists ("Top 10", Clients, References, and Activities)
  • Reports (Hours Per Day, Dollars Per Day, and Slip Totals)
  • Works with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Android devices


  • Wireless syncing requires a wireless network and iTunes or Bonjour for Windows
  • Wired (USB) syncing requires iTunes for Windows
  • Timeslips or TSRemote, v10.5 or higher

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